Christopher is an intense young photographer with a keen eye for composition and continuity. After years honing his craft under the challenging conditions of entertainment photography, he has taken those skills and created his own unique perspective on wedding photography and modern portraiture.

A true creative who sees from many perspectives and incorporates that input into the development of the final concept. His meticulous methodology to the details of “the moment”, his skilled eye and creativity, along with the awareness of his surroundings and lighting, bring forth truly timeless captures. Christopher’s love of fashion, music and real life help him transform the mundane into creative works of art.

Christopher Rocco has a natural sense for discovering the aesthetically charming instances of any bride and groom’s wedding. He truly understands the aspects of human nature by capturing what seems like insignificant instances, but are in fact those, which each person longs to recall.

Armed with a design & photographic background with an emphasis on experience, objectivity and observation, Christopher is able to create fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to imagery, while maintaining a visual comfort which can speak to and entertain the viewer in a concise and instantly understandable form.

Your comments, questions, and / or criticisms are welcomed and appreciated.